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You Are Guaranteed to Earn For Each Us Healthcare Form Filling Job Work

With the need of digitalization, every health insurance company requires to maintain the record of their customers online. Since they have to focus on various other things that are important for the growth of their business, most of them decide to outsource the medical insurance form filling work to other companies.

US Healthcare Form Filling Work has now become one of the most convenient and in-demand work from home job opportunities. You as a user have to fill out the forms with the help of the specific details given to you. By just giving your 4-5 hours on daily basis, you would be able to earn a significant sum of money through a genuine work from home job offer.

Get Paid For Every Form Filled

As a leading provider of healthcare form filling services, we at Ethos Reliable make sure that you will get paid for every form filled for us. Once you join us, we will send you the complete details of the project along with the instruction guide on how to work on the project. You have to login the project through the username/password given by you individually. Apart from that, you will also be given step by step instructions, graphic tutorials, free form filling software, a video demo and a proper training.

Health Form Filling US Process

Initial Contract Duration of 11 Months....

Good Typing Agents Needed With Average Typing Speed of 35 WPM To Earn As Much As They Type.

No Earning Limit, Type and Earn As Much As Possible.

Work Can Be Started On Minimum 5 Seats.

Workload (12*7)....Depends on center capacity.

Average Earning Per Agent for one Shift for one Month will be possible Between Rs 80,000 To Rs.90,000.

Health Form Filling US Process


Offline Form Filling Process


- Rs 23/- Per Form

Working Time

- 12*7 (All 30 days including Sunday)


- depend on Accuracy Slab


- monthly


- Minimum 3500 forms on one seat

For 5 Seats:

5*3500=17500 Forms

After one Month Payment Flexibility:

Payment can be made monthly depends on clients (Centre CEO)


- No Termination if your Work accuracy is above 70%


- (As per center capacity) mentioned above

Required Field

- 42

Contract Period

- 11 months


- Direct with Registered Company

Services Provided-

(a) Online Training provided free by the Company.

(b) Software Installation Support Facility

(c) Technical Support free by the Company.

(d) Data for 11 months free by the Company.

  • 98.01% - 100%
  • 95.01% - 98%
  • 93.01% - 95%
  • 90.01% - 93%
  • 85.01% - 90%
  • 75.01% - 85%
  • 50.01% - 70%
  • 100%
  • 90%
  • 75%
  • 50%
  • 25%
  • 10%
  • Rework on Fresh data
  • INR
  • INR
  • INR
  • INR
  • INR
  • INR
  • ...

T&C Apply for rework-

For next month accuracy will be 90+

If desired accuracy not achieve-

     (a) First month warning.

     (b) First month to next month termination.

Rework on fresh data always because old data are useless (waste) means cannot Processed after time expired.


Number Of Forms Fill In a Day In A Shift:- 8 Hours Made Per Day On Average:-

135 Approx, More Than 200 Forms Is Also Possible But We Have Kept Only Round Figure Of 150 Forms.

Total Number of Forms Filled in a month 135 * 26 = 3510

Earning on 1 seat per month is 4500 * 23 = Rs. 80730

Total Earning on 5 Seats is 103500 * 5 = Rs. 403650

Note:- The Payout Sheet Has Been Made On Average Working Hours Of 8 Hours Per Day On An Agent In A Shift. Working Access is for 24 Hours and Workload depends on Centre Capacity.


Limited Seats are Available on the basis of First come First serve.

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